Hydrochloric Acid

Detrex Chemicals

Detrex Chemicals in Ashtabula, OH is the only North American manufacturer of high purity hydrochloric acid intentionally manufactured by direct chemical synthesis.

Detrex Chemicals is a global leader in the production, handling and delivery of high purity hydrochloric acid for the Semiconductor, Pharmaceutical, Laboratory Reagents, Food Ingredient, Food Supplement, Cosmetic industries.

Experience: We focus solely on high purity hydrochloric acid. Our customers depend on us for their success and we strive to exceed their expectations daily.

Service: Domestic and Export, short lead times and excellent customer service. We sell our products direct and through distribution. Minimum order quantities apply.

Concentrations: Detrex is the only manufacturer of hydrochloric acid to offer standard and custom concentrations for every grade. Our business model is customer centric. We will work with you.

Packaging: We are the only manufacturer of hydrochloric acid in North America with packaging capabilities. We sample customer orders from the final packaged product and certify before shipment.

high purity hydrochloric acid